Melisa Arnautovic (1)

Melisa Arnautovic

Facilitator and Trainer

  • Leadership 
  • Communication
  • Team Culture
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Mindfulness Master Practitioner

Melissa is an international keynote speaker, personal development trainer, entrepreneur, and practitioner.

With over 14 years of experience in diverse global industries, Melissa has worked within large multinational organizations, gaining expertise in strategy, business, innovation, people development, marketing, training, data analytics, insights, sales, and execution. She has managed operations and distribution across various regions, including Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific.

For the past four years, Melissa has been a dedicated entrepreneur and founder, delivering impactful training workshops and teachings that encompass a wide range of human skills.

Melissa’s unique approach combines principles from business, neuroscience, psychology, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), anthropology, and transformational learning methods.

Fluent in English, German, Croatian, and Bosnian, Melissa possesses excellent communication skills that enable her to connect with a global audience. Her commitment to personal growth and development is reflected in her extensive education and certifications. With more than 14 years of life experience in various business executive roles and multicultural teams, Melissa brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her work. She is also a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and a Mindfulness Practitioner, mastering the art of mindfulness.

Melissa’s passion for empowering others, combined with her interdisciplinary approach and dedication to lifelong learning, make her a trusted guide for individuals and organizations seeking personal and professional growth.

  • Engie
  • VMWare
  • Red Bull
  • Kraft Heinz
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