Research has shown that executive coaching that is good for a leader is only good for the organisation 20% of the time. This is because executive coaching that focuses solely on the leader may not address underlying systemic issues within the organisation that may be holding the leader back.

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Traditional executive coaching programs often focus solely on the development of individual leaders, without considering the wider organisational context. While individual coaching can be beneficial for the leader, it may not always translate into improvements for the organisation as a whole.

TransforMe’s systemic Executive Coaching program overcomes this barrier by taking a holistic approach to coaching. The program recognises that the success of the leader is intertwined with the success of the organisation as a whole, and therefore focuses on improving the leader’s ability to navigate complex challenges.

This results in a more effective and resilient organisation, with leaders who are better equipped to navigate anything that lies ahead.

Who is Executive Coaching For?

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TransforMe’s Executive Coaching program is designed for leaders at all levels of an organisation who want to improve their ability to navigate complex systemic challenges and achieve their development goals. The program is particularly beneficial for leaders who are facing significant changes or challenges within their organisation, such as role changes, new team takeover, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, or shifts in market conditions.

The program is also ideal for organisations that are committed to developing their leaders and improving overall performance. By investing in their leaders, organisations can improve retention, attract top talent, and create a more effective and resilient workforce.
In summary, TransforMe’s Executive Coaching program is for:

  • Leaders at all levels of an organisation
  • Leaders who are facing significant changes or challenges within their organisation
  • Organisations that are committed to developing their leaders and improving overall performance.

How It Works

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TransforMe’s Executive Coaching program is a personalised, multidimensional coaching process that is tailored to meet the needs of each individual leader and organisation. Here’s how it works:

  1. Anchor Coach: Each leader is paired with an “anchor coach” who serves as their primary point of contact throughout the coaching process. The anchor coach works with the leader to develop a deep understanding of their strengths, challenges, and goals, and collaborates with other coaches and experts as needed to provide a holistic and effective coaching experience.
  2. Multidimensional Coaching: TransforMe’s Executive Coaching program takes a multidimensional approach to coaching, incorporating a range of coaching methodologies and tools to help leaders achieve their goals. This may include executive presence coaching, leadership skills development, emotional intelligence training, communication skills, and more.
  3. Flexible Delivery: TransforMe offers flexible delivery options for its Executive Coaching program, including in-person, virtual, and blended coaching options. This allows leaders to choose the delivery method that works best for their schedule and preferences.

Through this approach, TransforMe’s Executive Coaching program helps leaders develop the skills and insights they need to become more effective, resilient, and adaptive leaders. The program can help organisations improve overall performance, increase retention, and create a culture of learning and development.


  • Improved leadership skills:
    The program helps leaders develop the skills and insights they need to become more effective and adaptive leaders, with a greater capacity for strategic thinking, decision-making, and communication.

  • Enhanced personal and professional growth:
    Through the coaching process, leaders gain a deeper understanding of their strengths and challenges, and develop a greater sense of self-awareness and emotional intelligence. This can lead to improved relationships and more fulfilling personal and professional lives.

  • Greater resilience and adaptability:
    The program helps leaders navigate complex and challenging situations with greater ease and resilience, allowing them to stay focused on achieving their goals even in the face of uncertainty and change.

  • Improved organisational performance:
    By investing in the development of their leaders, organisations can improve overall performance, attract top talent, and create a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

Why Choose TransforMe for Executive Coaching Development

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TransforMe’s Executive Leadership development program is highly effective thanks to its use of technology-enabled learning and unique coaching methodologies.

Here are just a few of the elements that contribute to the program’s unmatched effectiveness:

  1. Technology-enabled learning:
    TransforMe’s program leverages technology to provide flexible and convenient learning opportunities for executives. This includes virtual coaching sessions, online assessments, and mobile learning apps, which help executives learn at their own pace and in their preferred format.
  2. Gestalt:
    Gestalt coaching focuses on increasing self-awareness, identifying limiting beliefs and behaviours, and helping executives make positive changes. It helps executives develop a more integrated and holistic approach to their leadership style and decision-making.
  3. T-group:
    T-group coaching involves experiential learning through group interactions. It allows executives to gain insight into their own behaviour and how it affects others, as well as learn to effectively communicate and collaborate with others.
  4. Neuroscience: Neuroscience-based coaching helps executives understand how their brain works and how it affects their behaviour and decision-making. This knowledge can help executives develop new habits and behaviours that support their leadership goals.
  5. CBT:
    Cognitive-behavioural therapy is a goal-oriented coaching approach that focuses on changing negative thought patterns and behaviours. It helps executives develop a more positive and resilient mindset, which can improve their ability to lead and make effective decisions.

By incorporating these methodologies and technologies into the program, TransforMe is able to provide a highly effective and personalised coaching experience for executives. The program helps executives develop the skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to lead effectively in today’s complex and rapidly changing business environment.

Proven Results

With over 120 global clients and a long list of awards and industry recognitions, TransforMe’s Systemic Design Process has proven its effectiveness again and again for clients across every vertical.

Different approach & methodology.
Global best-in-class Coaches and Trainers.
Relevant & customised solutions.
Flexible delivery options.
We listen & understand.
10+ years of value creation with global brands.
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