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AI-Powered Learning for Professionals

EmpowerMe is an immersive program leveraging AI to personalise the learning experience, ensuring you build the skills you need while staying engaged.

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About EmpowerMe:

EmpowerMe’s self paced learning equipped with unique gaming features makes learning engaging, while your personalised AI coach guides you every step of the way.

EmpowerMe’s Learning programs :

  • Adaptive Leadership for new managers (Launched)
  • Women leadership (Upcoming)
  • Storytelling to Influence(Upcoming)

Adaptive Leadership for New Managers

Transitioning from an individual contributor to a people manager, New Managers often grapple with motivating their teams, managing conflicts within their teams, delegating and  leading their peers. To overcome these challenges, the Adaptive Leadership for New Managers will help professionals to learn the new skills in an immersive and engaging environment. The learning in this course is designed to engage the learner’s senses causing a dopamine release, thereby experiencing enhanced retention of the learning content,

What’s this adaptive leadership course about?

Designed for New Managers, it guides you through foundational leadership traits before delving into adaptive techniques for team management. Discover your leadership style and learn to tailor it to individual team members’ skills and motivations.

What will the professional learn?

  • Analyze key leadership characteristics vital for New Managers to catalyze positive turning points for self, team, and organization.
  • Apply a simple method to evaluate the Skill and Will of individual team members on specific tasks, to define the levels of preparedness.
  • Identify and evaluate personal leadership style and adapt it according to the varying levels of preparedness exhibited by team members.

What will the learner experience?

  • Leadership concepts through a fun & exciting environment
  • Engagement
  • Ownership
  • Personalised unlike a cohort learning
  • Self-faced flexibility
  • Celebrate with the certificate of completion

How long does this course take?

The course consists of byte-sized learning split into 5 modules with a total run time of 90 minutes. We recommend completing the course in one go, with minimal distractions.

For Businesses:

Are you encountering any of the following challenges?

  • Outdated and rigid classroom training programs for managers?
  • Lack of captivating digital learning solutions?
  • Limited flexibility in enabling managers to learn at their preferred pace?
  • Employees habitually skipping through corporate training sessions?

Our solution, empowerMe, addresses these pain points effectively. Here’s how:

  • Our learning approach is immersive and simulated, making it enjoyable and boosting information retention by up to 40%.
  • Incorporating game-based elements enhances engagement by 60%, leading to improved employee performance.

empowerMe is built for scalability, allowing you to efficiently train all new managers in Adaptive Leadership skills for maximum impact.

Ready to transform your training experience? Click here to schedule a call with our Business Development Team and get a quote tailored to your organization’s needs.

For Product Hunt Users:

For users arriving from the EmpowerMe showcase page on Product Hunt, kindly provide your information to register and gain access to the Beta version trial.

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About Us:

EmpowerMe is built and developed by TransforMe Learning, an award-winning global leadership training and coaching company with over 12 years of experience. We are dedicated to cultivating future-ready visionary leaders.

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“Every leader should go through this course”

“It was a wonderful program, this has helped me to evaluate where I am standing right now and what are the areas which I can improve upon.”

“Engaging experience, apt content and useful and familiar examples”

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