We know it’s a crucial and difficult decision to choose the right partner – especially when you have multiple stakeholders’ needs to meet and expectations from management to deliver transformational results.

We have been on your side of the table and understand your challenge in choosing the right partner. Are they credible? Will they understand your industry, company and people? How good are their facilitators and coaches? How are they better from all the others I have been speaking with?

And most importantly: Can they truly deliver real, tangible results for my employees and my stakeholders?

You’ll find countless training and coaching programs, all promising to deliver real results and lasting transformation. Why should you choose TransforMe?

Our answer doesn’t begin with us. It begins with you.

You and your organisation are unique. Your needs, realities, learning preferences, and future goals are all your own.

Despite having worked with hundreds of companies in diverse countries across multiple industries, we don’t claim to be experts in your company dynamics. We also don’t offer “off-the-shelf” solutions and claim that they will meet your needs.

Our approach at TransforMe is built around serving your unique needs.
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Global Experience

TransforMe has served hundreds of clients across the planet, from the world’s biggest companies to innovative startups just beginning their journeys of transformation.

This global mindset doesn’t just speak to our capabilities. It’s also allowed us to develop a global perspective on the space a company occupies in the market. After all, no organisation — or its challenges — exist in a vacuum. There are market factors, economic factors, and even geopolitical factors at play that extend from local competition to worldwide trends.

At TransforMe, a global perspective is built into everything we do.


Flexible Approach

TransforMe has the ability to integrate your language, competencies, and frameworks into our design as needed. We recognize that every company, no matter its size or stage of its journey, has its own culture and realities. TransforMe builds every program around your unique needs, adapting as we go to constantly improve and hone in on what you need most.

The result is that no two trainings are the same, and no transformation is ever left incomplete.

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Custom Solutions

Our scientific approach to diagnostics takes the guesswork and assumptions out of the picture. From goal discovery to mapping stakeholders’ needs, from individual assessments to co-defining measures of success, and from uncovering possible pitfalls to identifying dependencies, we invest the time and strategic effort to understand your needs, realities and possible solution framework.

The result is that TransforMe programs provide highly customised coaching that doesn’t just apply the same core points to every audience. Like a high-end tailored suit, the first “fitting” is only the beginning of the story. With every measurement here, every trim there, we grow closer to the perfect fit.


Transformational Methodologies

From the content to the methods to the supporting tools required, our design includes cutting edge tools like gamified simulations, transformational labs, systemic coaching, and more.

We’ve pioneered an innovative blend of six unique methodologies, including Gestalt, T-Group, Neuroscience, Projective Cards, and more to create breakthrough experience that get results.

And at every step along the way, our talented design team customises the design and delivery methodologies for your unique needs.

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Proven Success

We often hear program participants expressing doubt about whether our programs will be any different from the dozens more they’ve been a part of in their careers. But our testimonials after the fact tell a different story.

If you want to hear firsthand how TransforMe has brought about real and lasting transformation for countless clients, head to our Testimonials or Case Studies page.


Global Team of Experts

At TransforMe, we’re proud of having assembled a global team of the world’s greatest coaches, trainers, and subject matter experts.

But what does that really mean for you?

It means you have access to the power of diverse viewpoints, each one informed by proven credentials, expansive industry recognitions, and powerful personal journeys. These coaches have driven and are currently driving real impact in businesses around the globe, bringing their priceless insights to every TransforMe project.

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Enabling People.Enhancing Results.
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