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Breakthrough Leadership.

Unleash Your Potential

What is it Breakthrough Leadership?

When leaders reach their potential, they lift entire organisations towards its potential. What began as TransforMe’s signature program is still one of our most powerful and transformative experiences. Our Breakthrough Leadership program has been built from the ground-up to develop and grow leaders across all levels.

The Breakthrough Leadership program will help leaders (and future leaders) develop an adaptive mindset, navigating the ever-changing business landscape with insight, decisiveness, and empathy.

And because no two organisations or leaders are the same, you’ll receive a customised framework for developing your leaders — featuring everything from the TransforMe lab methodology to individual coaching for sustained development.

Who is Breakthrough Leadership For?

The Breakthrough Leadership Program (BLP) is a customised leadership transformation solution across three leadership levels in a company. From Emerging Leaders/Early Career Managers to Mid-level Leaders and finally Senior Leaders, the needs for each of these levels is addressed through the three custom-built tracks that the BLP offers.

The Breakthrough Leadership Program has led to transformational success for leaders and managers in all industries, backgrounds, and organisations — from corporate enterprises to non-profit organisations, and from brand-new startups to established global brands.

Best of all, the program is custom tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of each participant. From seasoned executives looking to refine their leadership style or new managers seeking guidance on how to lead their teams effectively, our experienced leadership development experts will provide you with the tools, strategies, and support you need to achieve your desired outcomes.

Breakthrough Leadership is built to serve any organisation or team with a range of goals, including:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of strengths and weaknesses as leaders
  • Improve communication and collaboration skills
  • Learn effective strategies for managing and leading teams
  • Gain clarity and focus in personal and professional goals
  • Enhance decision-making and problem-solving abilities
  • Build confidence and resilience as a leader

Join us for a customised Breakthrough Leadership experience and unlock the potential of your leaders and your entire organisation.

How does Breakthrough Leadership work?

The BLP is designed to enable managers and leaders who need to scale up/step up as their company grows. We equip leaders with skills and tools across the three pillars of personal excellence, interpersonal excellence, and leadership excellence to unleash their fullest potential and create a positive impact on the company.

The BLP includes transformational labs, skill workshops, individual assessment, coaching circles, simulations and optional individual coaching. Other aspects often include follow up conversations, self-learn modules, action learning projects/ assignments, pre- and post-workshop material/videos, etc

The impact of the combination of self-awareness oriented labs, along with skill workshops and coaching circles, is truly what makes this program create a high impact.

We use the transformational lab method because it allows us to provide both the scalability of a group setting and the power of individual focus. One-on-one coaching is powerful, but not always viable for organisations for various reasons— from budget considerations to size. With our transformational labs, groups of leaders can experience a “coaching-like” intensive experience while receiving the individual focus and customisation that will help them thrive.

The BLP journey for each client looks different. And that’s because it is always customised, whether you’re looking for a program that starts and ends within a week or a months-long journey aligned to your competency framework. We can make it happen.

Guided by our global team of leadership development experts and using a blend of our six transformational methodologies, your leaders will move from Personal Excellence and Interpersonal Excellence to ultimately achieve Leadership Excellence over the course of four distinct phases.

Stage 1: Discovery

In the Discovery stage, we help you gain a deeper understanding of your personal values, strengths, and leadership style. Through a series of assessments and exercises, you’ll identify areas of strength and potential areas for growth, and gain a clearer picture of who you are as a leader.

Stage 2: Awareness

In the Awareness stage, we help you develop greater self-awareness and awareness of others. You’ll learn effective communication and collaboration strategies, and gain a deeper understanding of how to build and maintain high-performing teams.

Stage 3: Experimentation

In the Experimentation stage, we encourage you to take risks and try new approaches to leadership. You’ll have the opportunity to practise new skills and strategies in a safe and supportive environment, and receive feedback and coaching from our experienced facilitators.

Stage 4: Unleashing Potential

In the Unleashing Potential stage, we help you integrate your new skills and insights into your daily life and work. You’ll learn how to set and achieve ambitious goals, build resilience and agility, and unleash your full potential as a leader.

Across every stage, you’ll benefit from award-winning methodologies and our inside-out leadership philosophy — ensuring that inner transformation leads to outward results.


  • Improved productivity and company performance
  • Better team engagement scores across your organisation
  • Develop and grow leaders throughout every level
  • Create leadership changes that lead to real company-wide results

Why Choose TransforMe for Breakthrough Leadership Development

TransforMe has won several awards for our training solutions for leadership development – including the “Most Innovative Leadership Development program 2022” and “Best-results based learning solution 2018”.

We provide unparalleled leadership development solutions that empower leaders to achieve breakthrough results. What sets our program apart is a combination of four factors: Best-in-Class Experts and Coaches, Diverse Client Experience, Unique Methodologies, and Tech-Enabled Blended Learning.

Best-in-Class Experts and Coaches: Our program is led by a team of world-class experts and coaches who bring decades of experience in leadership development across diverse industries and sectors. Our coaches and facilitators are skilled in helping leaders identify and develop the skills they need to achieve their goals, and provide personalised coaching and feedback to support their growth.

We have worked with clients across a broad range of industries and sectors, including corporate, non-profit, government, and entrepreneurial organisations. Our diverse client experience allows us to tailor our approach to meet the unique needs and goals of each client, and ensures that our program is relevant and effective in a variety of contexts.

Our program is grounded in unique methodologies that have been developed and refined over years of experience in leadership development. From Gestalt and T-Group to Neuroscience and Projective Cards, every approach is focused on helping leaders develop a deeper understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, build greater self-awareness, and learn effective strategies for communication, collaboration, and team-building.

Our program utilises a tech-enabled blended learning approach that combines online and in-person learning to provide a flexible, convenient, and engaging learning experience. You’ll find interactive modules, assessments, and other tools that allow leaders to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule, while also providing opportunities for real-time feedback and coaching.

Join us for TransforMe’s Leadership Development program and experience the benefits of best-in-class experts and coaches, diverse client experience, unique methodologies, and tech-enabled blended learning.

Join us for TransforMe’s Leadership Development program and experience the benefits of best-in-class experts and coaches, diverse client experience, unique methodologies, and tech-enabled blended learning.

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