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It all started from a dining table.....
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The Journey of TransforMe

TransforMe was launched from a simple premise: to transform a million lives for the better, one life at a time, then help those changed individuals transform their organisations and communities. This mission was born out of the real struggles and frustrations faced by TransforMe’s founders, Gatik Chaujer and Sandra Colhando.

These struggles became the stepping stones of the opportunity that lay in front of them. In their quest to search for ways to unleash their potential, they started experimenting and exploring methods of transformation. Amongst many they tried, two specific methods had a life altering impact for both of them; and they intuitively knew in that moment that they had found what they were looking for!

Having experienced the power of this transformation for themselves, the question that led to the birth of TransforMe was “What if we could make this happen for each leader?”

Over a decade later, today, the TransforMe team and mission are built around chasing the thrill of helping leaders unleash something inside of themselves they didn’t realise they had. Overcoming fear, doing the impossible, and experiencing real transformation: these are the results that drive TransforMe every day.

When we see someone successfully conquer a situation they’ve been struggling with — sometimes for years — as a result of their work with TransforMe, it reinforces the vital importance of what we do.

Read on to discover more about the TransforMe story.
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Chapter 1
The Dinner Table

Before TransforMe, there were just two professionally frustrated individuals trying to find careers that meant something to them. One night, after sharing their disillusionment with office politics and lack of organisational direction, they came to a realisation. If their current work situations weren’t going to help them reach their potential, they would reach for it themselves — by helping others reach their own.

TransforMe was born that night, just two people with a bold vision — and a name that has stayed true to its essence.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Off to the Races

To say TransforMe’s early growth happened quickly would be an understatement. After just six months, our client base grew to 60 accounts. Clients recognized there was something special about the training Gatik and Sandra were delivering, even if our founders themselves didn’t yet know TransforMe’s ultimate potential.

The company continued to grow, even amidst early stumbles — including one early program which Gatik himself calls “the worst training program we’d ever delivered.” This led to a strong self-assessment and focus on strengthening their practices.

Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Who Are We?

Never ones to stay satisfied for long, the tribe wondered whether TransforMe could be something more than its offerings at the time . They didn’t want to just be a coaching company — they wanted to be a company that built leaders.

This reassessment led to experimentation and a strengthening of TransforMe’s core.The globally popular TransforMe Lab workshops, were one of the outcomes of this process. The TransforMe tribe grew, in very interesting ways - from people who just felt drawn to our purpose, to self employed professionals who wanted to explore our methods, to trainers and coaches from around the world who started calling us - talking about the great stuff they heard from a friend or a colleague! By now, TransforMe had established expertise and credibility in leadership development programs and also became one of the pioneers in Storytelling training for leaders.

Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Stronger Roots, Taller Branches

The next phase of TransforMe’s journey could just as easily be called “Blissful Chaos.” We reached 100 clients, passed the 7-year landmark and continued to strengthen the things that made TransforMe unique. We were now recognized as true leadership experts, with organisations referring to our labs as “legacy builders,” “life-changing experiences" and saying “the team was completely transformed.”

The TransforMe lab based Top Team Alignment programs became legendary for many of our clients, acting as a potent catalyst for these start-up/ scale up companies to truly transform. Many clients have gone on record to share how this contributed more than 50% to their 3x/5x growth in a short period of time.

A few years later, this work started getting global recognition and ever since, TransforMe has won several prestigious industry awards for this unique, result oriented training and coaching solution.

But it should come as no surprise that TransforMe’s growing team still wasn’t satisfied. We were ready to bring leadership to more places than ever.

Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Big Names on a New Continent

When we first began developing the idea of bringing TransforMe to Australia and becoming a truly global organisation, we were told, in no uncertain terms: “Impossible.” But we knew there was untapped potential and TransforMe wouldn’t be true to its stated mission if we didn’t pursue untapped potential in ourselves.

How did the expansion go? Three months after setting up our office in Australia, Google called. A few months after that, the U.N. Then Adobe. And even after struggling through the COVID pandemic alongside everyone else, TransforMe emerged with a sustainable growth plan, more members of the team and newer transformational programs — such as Evolve, our professional transformation program for women.

That brings us to today. We are a truly global organisation led by some of the world’s leading experts on leadership training and coaching. The problems we help solve for our clients are the leadership challenges of today.

Chapter 5
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