Fiona Maggs

Fiona Maggs

Facilitator and Executive Coach

  • Leadership Development
  • Negotiation & Influencing
  • DEI
  • NSW Divisional Council Member
  • AITD

Fiona Maggs is an experienced trainer and coach specializing in senior executive leadership development. With a strong belief in enabling people to reach their personal best, she designs and delivers engaging and impactful developmental programs.

Fiona brings a high-energy approach to her training, creating immersive experiences that incorporate experiential activities, compelling visuals, and captivating stories. Drawing from her extensive background of over 20 years in senior executive management, coupled with a deep understanding of theoretical frameworks, she establishes a personal connection with participants. By challenging their paradigms and fostering self-awareness, Fiona empowers individuals to recognize their strengths and blind spots, facilitating authentic conversations and driving lasting behavioral change. She also encourages active interaction among participants to broaden perspectives and leverage collective experiences.

Throughout her career, Fiona has demonstrated a proven track record of transforming business performance by fostering a unified purpose and strategic vision. Her focus on capability development and nurturing an engaging, enjoyable, and rewarding culture has consistently yielded positive results. She excels in cultivating strong, trusted partnerships with key stakeholders, both at the C-suite level and across all functions. Fiona thrives on promoting creativity, implementing efficient processes, and adeptly managing organizational change.

A staunch advocate for diversity, Fiona firmly believes in the power of inclusive, empowered, respectful, and creative teams to navigate challenges successfully. She takes pride in her contributions to various initiatives, such as establishing CCA’s Embracing Difference Council, leading Embrin’s My Mentor program at CCA, facilitating Unilever’s Graduate program, and actively participating in sustainability committees. One of her particular areas of focus is coaching female leaders, emphasizing the value of diversity and conscious inclusion.

  • Aqueo
  • NP Fulfillment
  • UTS International
  • NSW Treasury
  • NSW Transport
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