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Evolve for Women leadership.

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Women face unique challenges

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Women leadership development programs are essential because they address gender disparities, empower women to overcome challenges, and contribute to a more inclusive and successful business environment. By providing women with the tools and opportunities to advance in their careers, these programs aim to create a more equitable future.

Who is it for?

Evolve is tailored for organisations that are passionate about retaining and attracting female/ diverse talent.  Any organisation looking to develop small or large groups of women professionals into leaders, managers, and vital role players in their community will benefit from Evolve Women Leadership Training.

How Does it Work?

6 Evolve Framework

This program is designed with three distinct areas of focus: Personal Excellence, Interpersonal Excellence, and Leadership Excellence. And while we offer recommended journey frameworks for each level/track, the Evolve program is fully customised for each client. That means the specific topics, durations and methods for each client will vary based on your needs.

The entire program is built as a journey, with an effective and relevant blend of methodologies including workshops, group coaching, TransforMe labs, action learning projects, self learn modules, pre and post assessment, gamified simulations and more.

An important part of the journey is how we involve the rest of the organisation — men and women — to build awareness and allyship throughout the journey.

Read about our AITD Finalist – Best Diversity & Inclusion Program 2023 case study below. 

What makes "Evolve" unique?

Evolve What Makes Us Unique


  • 14% increase in gender diversity
  • 9% improvement in eNPS score
  • 28% of women professionals saw career enhancements through promotions and role expansions
  • 57% of women professionals were able to identify & overcome some of their mind traps to reach their full career potential
  • 85% of women professionals were able to function as a role model to mentor and encourage other women in their team
  • 78% felt more equipped to tackle gender bias

why choose us?

Evolve Why (2)

‘Evolve’ is not just another woman leadership program. 

TransforMe’s Evolve –  Women leadership development program is built on the idea that every woman can become the best version of herself and make a positive impact on the organization.

The 3 phases of Gender Equity Maturity

Research has shown that hundreds of organizations in their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion journey show a pattern of different maturity levels. By understanding their current maturity levels, organizations can focus their energies on the right activities making their efforts successful and effective.

Based on TransforMe’s experience of a decade in the space of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI), especially Women in Leadership, working with UN and Fortune 100 companies we have identified 3 phases of organizational maturity in Gender Equity.

Phase 1: The EXPLORE Stage

Phase 2: The EMERGE stage

Phase 3: The FLOURISH Stage

This survey will help you identify which phase is your organisation currently in and share recommendations for strengthening your gender equity efforts.

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