Our Process.

What makes TransforMe unique isn’t just the transformations we create for clients. It’s also about the process we use to get there. From the initial discovery phase to creating and delivering custom training, and even the vital steps we take after delivery is complete, every phase of the TransforMe process is designed to maximise transformation.
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Phase 1

Initial Inquiry

This phase is all about you discovering what TransforMe can do for you while we discover what makes you, your organisation, and your leadership goals unique.

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Discovery Form

Interested in exploring TransforMe? The easiest way to begin is with our discovery form. Complete it in minutes and you’ll receive a free 30-minute discovery call from a member of our team.

Discovery Call

On your free initial discovery call, we’ll take the time to listen to your first hand perspective. We want to know your current state, your specific needs, your unique realities, and what you hope to achieve through a training or coaching solution. We will also share our initial perspective on your need, sharing relevant case studies and similar work delivered for other clients.

Consultation Call

If your initial discovery call leaves you excited for a future partnership with TransforMe, the next step is a consultation call. You may want to invite some of your other stakeholders into this conversation with us. In this call, we will deep dive into your need to understand it better. We will then share some possible approaches with you and seek your feedback on which approach you and your stakeholders would be more aligned towards.


Now we’re ready to present our proposal for your partnership with TransforMe, explaining all the key points including our understanding of your need, recommended approach & solution design, timeline, budget, and measurable goals for your training or coaching solution.

Phase 2


The delivery phase is where you begin to see and feel the action! Here’s where we’ll diagnose your leadership needs, map stakeholder needs, define goals, conduct assessments and create the custom plan to execute a program that’s truly transformational.
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We conduct deep diagnostics before every program we deliver, ensuring that we have a data-backed understanding of your organisation and its leadership needs. This includes goal discovery, stakeholders’ needs mapping, individual assessments, co-defining measures of success, uncovering possible pitfalls, and dependencies.


Our pre-assessment is a custom measure of your current state, before our program. It helps create the foundation for transformation, something we’ll measure against at the conclusion of our program.

Content Customisation

During this phase, our team of experts creates a custom content plan for your training program. It takes into account everything we’ve learned in discovery, consultation, and diagnostics, ensuring that your program is 100% customised to serve your unique needs. Our design often includes cutting-edge, innovative tools like gamified simulations, transformational labs, systemic coaching, and more.

Goal Alignment

Before you officially sign-off on the path forward, it’s vital that we’re all aligned on your goals. A program may be effective, but if it’s not effective at meeting the specific, unique goals of your organisation, it’s transformation without value. That’s why defining the measure of success is an absolutely essential step of our process.

Stakeholder Sign-Off

At this stage, your key stakeholders will review our content plan and goals and sign-off on moving forward with your transformation program.

Program Delivery

It’s time to deliver your transformation program. Whether we are delivering a solution based on workshops, coaching circles, transformational labs or individual or systemic coaching, you can be assured knowing that your team is in the best hands. Because we have an exciting range of deep experts, we are able to identify and allocate the most effective and relevant facilitator or coach for your program.

Phase 3


Once the program has been fully delivered, whether it was a workshop, lab or a developmental journey, it’s time to review, assess, and grow. There are two crucial steps we partner with you to address this phase: the Results and the Sustenance Plan

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Reporting Results

For each solution, we will report our results against the agreed-upon measures of success. Very often, this is reported across three levels:

Level 1Feedback

Did they enjoy the learning process?

Level 2 Learning

How much did they learn?

Level 3Behaviour

How much did it positively change their behaviour?
While we measure and report on these levels through various methods, the most common ones are feedback analysis, pre- and post-assessments, and behaviour surveys.

Sustenance Plan

We will provide you with a sustenance plan which outlines steps and measures you can take over the next 30-90 days to ensure the learning translates into application and lasting change.

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Different approach & methodology.
Global best-in-class Coaches and Trainers.
Relevant & customised solutions.
Flexible delivery options.
We listen & understand.
10+ years of value creation with global brands.
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