How A Woman Leadership Program Boosted Business Performance

Case Study

The Client's context & need

At WeWork India, Diversity and Inclusion is a critical business driver.

Women are underrepresented in leadership roles in the Indian Real Estate industry, where women hold only 2% of leadership positions. Mindful of these realities, WeWork India has been committed to building a gender diverse organisation and building a strong talent pipeline of women leaders in leadership positions.

As of April 1st, 2022, the gender diversity at leadership level of WeWork India was at 33% (11/33) and the inclusion score in the eNPS survey (Employee Net Promoter Score) as of July 2022 was at +78.

However, just meeting diversity numbers isn’t enough for inclusion. WeWork India wanted to have a more focused approach on women leadership, equipping them to manage gender bias and other challenges at leadership level, thereby contributing to increase the gender diversity and inclusion scores by April 1st, 2023.

In line with the above goal, WeWork India wanted to work towards achieving the following objectives:

>Improve Leadership Gender
>Diversity score by April 2023
>Improve Inclusion Score in eNPS by end of December 2022
>Offer sponsorship and learning opportunities for women to become better equipped for the challenges of senior leadership roles, tackle gender bias and its associated barriers
>Create a safe space for women to share workplace experiences, build their professional network and make use of mentorship opportunities to achieve career advancement
>Build an internal network of role models to inspire high potential young women for vertical growth within the organization and promote an inclusive workplace for them

The Women Of WeWork India ERG partnered with TransforMe Learning, to launch “Evolve” – a customised leadership program and a flagship development initiative exclusively for women leaders in WeWork India.

What TransforMe did and how

Most of the leadership journeys are seldom effective because they are non-customized and don’t factor in the unique realities of women leaders. Using deep research data, the Evolve framework has been designed to address the realities and challenges of women leaders across the globe. Evolve catalyses an inside-out journey that helps women professionals to:

Create a safe space for deep reflection to help women leaders gain self-clarity by recognizing their internal barriers and identifying their authentic self

Provide a framework to help the women leaders discover skills to elevate their growth and advance in their career

Promote an environment to balance self-promotion with authenticity, aligning goals with intentions

Groom the women leaders to build strategic network and emerge as role models within the organization to prepare the next generation

Evolve makes use of robust diagnostics, TransforMe labs with a blend of 6 methodologies, systemic coaching and gamified simulations for creating breakthrough experiences for women leaders in leadership roles. It is delivered by a diverse group of facilitators and coaches representing various ethnic backgrounds, LGBTQ+ and a unique cultural and gender mix making this program completely rooted in reality. The roadmap of the delivery is illustrated below.


The 4 sessions conducted as virtual lab-based sessions are given below:

1. Mindset to Mindflex Program: This program enabled the women leaders to overcome imposter syndrome and flex their mind for moving forward, faster by discovering 6 mind traps and a 3-step approach to overcome it

2. Influencing without Authority program: This program equipped the women leaders with 6 methods of influencing and various influencing styles that can grow their Influence at work.

3. Building my Brand program: This program helped the women leaders to define, promote and live their personal brand for enhanced credibility

4. Adaptive Leadership program: This program provided the women leaders insights on their respective leadership styles, and how to adapt it for greater effectiveness when working with their team and other stakeholders

The overall roadmap took an inside-out approach, working on a deeper emotive and authentic level to bring about a change within, instead of leaving the participants with superficial frameworks and models to apply.

The outcomes we helped achieve

We observed that the Evolve program had a positive effect on engagement, retention, and business outcomes, which showed a strong correlation with its success. We assessed various criteria to evaluate the program’s impact, such as participant feedback through post-surveys, Net Promoter Score (NPS), internal promotions, career enhancements, and its influence on the team, function, and organization. Additionally, we considered the opportunities provided to women leaders as part of our evaluation process.

Based on the feedback collected from participants, it was evident that the program received a high Net Promoter Score, with approximately 90% of women leaders expressing their willingness to recommend it to their peers. Furthermore, nearly 85% of the women leaders reported an increased sense of confidence in their personal growth and career advancement. Each of them exhibited a mindset of conscious behavioral change by the end of the four-month program.

Impact End Of 4 Months


Evolve Journey was a catalyst in improving the metrics related to Gender Diversity & Inclusion at WeWork India. WeWork India saw a shift from +78 (July 2022)  to +85 (7 point increase) on the inclusion score in their eNPS survey in Dec 2022 with 87% favorable responses, and an increase in gender diversity at leadership level, going from 33% (11/33) to 37.5% (15/40)  effective April 1st 2023. This is testament to the fact that the combined efforts of the ERGs, inclusive people policies and Evolve program has made a significant impact on employee experience and created a sense of belonging. 

Learner Level Measurable Impact
Improvement In Scores Before And After

While Evolve, helped WeWork India achieve its D&I goals, the success of the program is also captured in the following impact evidence:

1. 57% of the women leaders feel that the Evolve program has acted as a catalyst to help them achieve their respective business goals in the last 5 – 6 months

2. After promotion & role expansion, one of the women leaders from the cohort produced a massive shift in employee engagement scores (+86 in the last survey in December 2022) and improvement amongst women demographic in that function (from +29 to +76) demonstrating strong leadership 

3. WeWork Wellness club, an Employee Resource Group focusing on holistic wellness that’s sponsored by a woman leader who was a part of the Evolve program, was launched, indicating her effort to build her brand within the organization

Here’s what the leaders said about the outcomes we achieved…
Different approach & methodology.
Global best-in-class Coaches and Trainers.
Relevant & customised solutions.
Flexible delivery options.
We listen & understand.
10+ years of value creation with global brands.
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