We are stoked to share the news of our brand-new ‘TransforMe Australia’ website.

by Sandra Colhando and Gatik Chaujer

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We are stoked to share the news of our brand-new ‘TransforMe Australia’ website.

For our new friends, TransforMe is a transformative leadership training and coaching company in Australia, and worldwide, providing exclusive access to global coaches, trainers, and programs.  In the last decade, we have worked with more than 150 global clients on their learning and leadership programs and the one thing that has remained unchanged is, our focus on driving real behavioural shifts and driving real business outcomes.

When we set out to rework our website, we saw it as an opportunity to revisit our product offerings and ensure they are aligned to the learning needs of employees and organisations specifically in Australia today. 

Here are some facts that we deliberated while strategising our offerings for you:

  • In 2 years from now, the skill sets required for doing the ‘same job’ will change by 44%. Which skills are going to be Most In-Demand Skills in Australia?
  • Leaders and managers are struggling with burn-out and on how to manage hybrid teams effectively. We need to prioritise leadership skills that can help them build trust, connection and collaboration in a hybrid environment
  • With a growing CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) population, there is a growing need for building inclusive workplaces. DEI is going to be crucial for business success to attract and retain a diverse talent pool
  • Women Leaders need to bridge not just external, but internal barriers too, to drive strong presence at workplaces. Women Leadership programs are going to be key to grow the talent pipeline especially in senior leadership
  • Learners feel less satisfied with current virtual learning environments finding them less engaging and hence having low participation and low attendance. We need to offer a higher quality learning experience that engages learners deeply and drives behavioural shifts

We were excited  to discover that so much of what we do and how we do it is already in tune with present, and future, needs of L&D organisations in Australia. 

Our portfolio of solutions cover Leadership, Management and Communication – the 3 among the top 10 Most In-Demand Skills in Australia.

We are well recognised for our high-impact leadership programs for leaders across 3 levels and our work in the space of team transformation.

Since our set-up here, Women Leadership and our Storytelling have been our best selling programs.

We recently launched a new program on Start-up Leadership tailored specifically to needs of start-ups (Read: Six Aussie startups that raised $34.2 million this week)

We are so proud of our facilitators and coaches who have their own lived experiences besides being highly accredited, do check out the new team page (don’t forget to hover on images for a surprise!)

We do hope you find our new website to be a useful resource in uncovering tailor-made learning and leadership solutions that align with your organization’s unique needs. 

Oh, and speaking of feedback, we absolutely love hearing from you. So. please-please don’t hold back—do share your brickbats and bouquets with us.

Looking forward to it.