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Who IS it for?

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The TransforMe Storytelling Training program is for organisations of all sizes and industries who want to improve their storytelling capabilities. This program is designed for anyone who needs to communicate effectively with their audience, including executives, managers, sales professionals and customer service representatives. Whether you need to deliver compelling presentations, write persuasive proposals or communicate complex ideas to a diverse audience, our storytelling training can help you improve your communication skills and achieve your goals

How Does it work?

We have comprised objectives of Storytelling in three points.

  • Engage, Inspire & Influence – It makes messages impactful
  • Capture Attention – It helps build deeper connect
  • One Skill, Many Uses – Useful in presentations & meetings

    At TransforMe, we understand that every business has unique storytelling needs and challenges. That’s why we have developed 4 stage process for storytelling training that is tailored to the specific needs of each organisation. Here’s how our process works:
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  • Improved communication skills: Participants will learn how to craft and deliver compelling stories that engage their audience and communicate their message effectively.
  • Increased confidence: Participants will gain the confidence and skills needed to deliver powerful presentations and communicate their ideas with impact.
  • Better engagement: Effective storytelling can help to increase audience engagement, leading to better retention of information and increased buy-in from stakeholders.
  • Enhanced leadership skills: Effective storytelling is a key leadership skill that can help individuals to inspire, motivate, and influence others.
  • Improved sales and marketing: Effective storytelling can help sales and marketing professionals to create a more emotional connection with their prospects and customers, leading to increased sales and brand loyalty.
  • Stronger customer relationships: Storytelling can be a powerful tool for building strong and lasting relationships with customers by creating a deeper emotional connection.
  • Increased innovation: Storytelling can help to stimulate creativity and innovation by encouraging individuals to think outside the box and share new ideas.
  • Better teamwork and collaboration: Storytelling can help to build stronger teams by fostering empathy, trust and collaboration among team members.

case study

The HR leadership team of a prominent French multinational company, renowned for its expertise in digital automation and energy management, sought to harness the power of storytelling in support of a substantial transformation and culture initiative. Engaging TransforMe Learning & Leadership Solutions, the comprehensive solution encompassed diagnostics to identify unique needs, followed by group training sessions, collaborative narrative workshops, and targeted individual coaching for selected HR leaders. The results were remarkable, with the transformation project achieving resounding success and an impressive NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 85% in the domain of communication. Recognizing the value of storytelling, the client made the strategic decision to extend this training to additional N-2 leaders, affirming the enduring impact of this approach.

In response to a critical need, an esteemed American multinational technology giant, revered for its wide-ranging innovations, including artificial intelligence, online advertising, search engine technology, cloud computing, and more, recognized the value of infusing storytelling into their flagship event. Partnering with TransforMe Learning & Leadership Solutions, a tailored solution was devised, commencing with diagnostics to understand the unique requirements. This comprehensive approach encompassed group training sessions, individual story crafting sessions, and personalized coaching for over 20 global leaders within the organization. The impact was profound, as evidenced by an impressive 32% increase in audience engagement scores at the prestigious flagship event. This tangible outcome underscored the enduring value of storytelling within the organization’s leadership and communication strategies.

In response to a vital need for enhancing internal communication and driving key initiatives, the Human Resources team of a prominent Australian multinational banking and financial services powerhouse recognized the potential of storytelling. To effectively harness this tool, they engaged with TransforMe Learning & Leadership Solutions. The solution began with comprehensive diagnostics to understand the organization’s unique requirements. This was followed by a strategic combination of group training sessions and individual coaching tailored for select HR leaders. The outcome was nothing short of remarkable, with the creation of three compelling narratives and their successful implementation over a span of four transformative months. This success story underscores the potency of storytelling as a dynamic driver of internal communication and meaningful initiatives within the company.

When an American multinational computer software giant found themselves in need of elevating the performance and impact of their senior leaders for an impending global event, they turned to TransforMe Learning & Leadership Solutions. The primary challenge revolved around the art of storytelling, a key element of their presentations. TransforMe’s solution was a highly targeted and individualized coaching program, honing the storytelling skills of these senior leaders. The outcome was nothing short of impressive, as their talks resonated with the audience, earning them excellent feedback. In a moment that epitomized their success, one of the HR leaders received a well-deserved standing ovation at this prestigious global event, exemplifying the tangible impact of storytelling in leadership and communication.

Why Choose US?

Organisations across industries and sectors are increasingly recognising the importance of storytelling in communicating their brand, vision, and mission. At TransforMe, we are pioneers in storytelling training and have helped numerous organisations to develop their storytelling skills and achieve their goals. Here are some of the key reasons why organisations choose TransforMe for their storytelling training:

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